Bucerias MX, Why you would love it!

Located about 20 minutes south of the hippy vibes beach town, Sayulita and 45 mins north of Puerto Vallarta is Bucerias. It’s located in Nayarit state which borders Jalisco where PV is at. The Banderas Bay (Bahia de Banderas) lies to its west side with lots more relaxing spots like San Pancho for surfing over weekends

Bucerias is roughly an hour away from both Puerto Vallarta and two other popular Mexican destinations - Sayulita & San Pancho - all three found along Bahía de Bandera bay region surrounded by magnificent views on each coast line including snow-covered mountains as far North as you could see plus long stretches of white sand.

The small coastal town of Bucerias is located in the state of Nayarit, which borders Jalisco where Puerto Vallarta is. It’s right between Sayulita and San Pancho for those who want to surf or relax. The town itself has a bit more American flair than most other Mexican towns because it was developed by an expat from Florida back in 1971 with its own yacht club and wealthy community that now constitutes around 80% percent foreigners (as opposed to Mexicans).

The small coastal town of Bucerias lies 45 minutes North West of Puerto Vallarta; 20 minutes South East towards both hippy vibes beach towns, Sayulita & San Pancho . Located within Mexico's largest bay area – Bah

The town of Bucerias in Mexico used to be a quaint fishing village, but has now turned into an expat and tourist destination. In the 1980s, Canadians started flocking here; many still remain full-time residents while others live here for half of the year. The population is around 9k people with it doubling during winter season due to its proximity to Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVIA). There are two sides of this community: one which remains calm where you’ll find locals alike enjoying their day by going surfing or scuba diving whereas another side consists mostly foreigners who prefer high end shopping boutiques and upscale restaurants located near Banderas Bay along popular Avenida Constitucion pedestrian mall lined up with boutique.

The town of Bucerias in Mexico was once a quaint fishing village, but has changed over the past few decades. While Canadians were attracted to this area in large numbers during the 1980s due to its beauty and peacefulness- many still reside here year round or spend half their time there -the population nearly doubles come wintertime when tourists flock from around the world for retirements or vacations. The two sides of Bucerias are vastly different; one side is more traditional with locals working hard at keeping it authentic while preserving Mexican culture through food, language, art etc., whereas on other hand you have foreigners who live lavishly enjoying every part

The town's name means place where divers go which hints that perhaps this beautiful little beachside community.