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What Are the Hotel Zones in Puerto Vallarta?

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Puerto Vallarta, choosing the right neighborhood or hotel zone can be challenging. Let’s discuss some of the most popular areas and figure out which one is best suited for your needs. I'm going to go over several benefits and drawbacks so that you can make an informed decision.

There are five main areas or hotel zones in Puerto Vallarta. They are:

Marina Vallarta

The Hotel Zone


The Romantic Zone

The South Zone

The Zone Highlights

  • The Marina Vallarta: This area is located in the north-west part of Puerto Vallarta and is one of the most popular areas to stay. This area offers many restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shopping options like boutiques as well as day trips that depart from piers near this neighborhood. Some benefits include: the marina neighborhood and the area around the airport. This area also includes the main bus terminal and International Convention center. Even though they are the same zone, the accommodations in the marina are very different from the more chain like hotels around the airport.
  • The North Zone:  This area is located in the north-east part of Puerto Vallarta and has a more rustic feel to it. One of my favorite things about this zone are all the great restaurants that serve Mexican food with local flavors. Some benefits include: its proximity to downtown, marina neighborhood, and the airport.
  • The Hotel Zone:  One of the most popular areas of Puerto Vallarta is the hotel zone. Full of all inclusive hotels and resorts, it’s a great area for a first-timer and someone that wants a resort stay with plenty of amenities. One of the best things about this zone is that it’s located in a very safe neighborhood where you can walk around and get to know the area. Some benefits include: its proximity to Marina Vallarta, The Romantic Zone, and Centro - Old Town Puerto Vallarta
  • The Downtown Zone:  Downtown is full of history and charm. This area has a lot to offer with its cobblestone streets, local restaurants and bars, art galleries, shopping centers, and more. Some benefits include: staying steps away from the Marina Vallarta boardwalk where you can walk around at night or relax on one of the benches watching people stroll by while eating some ice cream or taking in a street performance.
  • The Romantic Zone:  Located just south of downtown Puerto Vallarta’s romantic zone offers an intimate setting that feels like home combined with excellent service provided by friendly staff members each day for both your stay at their hotel as well as excursions they recommend outside when needed . One benefit includes being near Marina Vallarta so if you want If you like being near all the action then look no further! There are so many restaurants and nightlife spots within walking distance from here making it perfect for someone who wants to explore downtown or take part in some bars/club hopping at night. One thing I would note is that there are not as many hotels or resorts but rather boutique style accommodations (Casa Magna Marriott) which give it more of an authentic feel than other hotel zones.
  • The South Zone:  The highway south of Marina downtown Vallarta is adjacent to the scenic sea shore and lush jungle hills that slope into the bay. The area has been developed mainly as a residential zone, offering some beautiful resorts with their own beaches. We have one example in this district; it's called Marina El Cid. This region is considered part of New Hotel Zone or better known by its initials NHZ where you can find more modern hotels comprising mostly five stars accommodations while still being fairly close to Old Town/Romantic District.  The downside of this location is that there aren't as many activities available in comparison with Marina or Downtown zones