The Best Hiking Trails in Puerto Vallarta

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The Best Hiking Trails in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is famous for its crystalline waters and idyllic white sand beaches but often, its incredible hiking trails are not triumphed enough.

Puerto Vallarta in Mexico, is well-known for its crystal clear waters and beautiful white beaches. But, the incredible hiking trails that it offers are often not enough to be admired.|Puerto Vallarta is Mexico's most famous destination for its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. However, it also has incredible hiking trails.|Puerto Vallarta Mexico is known for its stunning beaches and white sand beaches. Yet, many of its amazing hiking trails have not been well explored.|Puerto Vallarta Mexico, Mexico, is noted for its sparkling waters and picturesque white sand beaches. However, there are many incredible trails to explore.} {Hiking in Puerto Vallarta is particularly magical because of the diverse landscapes, breathtaking waterfalls, and beautiful scenery.|The beautiful landscapes and breathtaking waterfalls make hiking in Puerto Vallarta a magical experience.|Because of its beautiful scenery, diverse landscapes, waterfalls, as well as stunning views, hiking in Puerto Vallarta can be a truly magical experience.|Puerto Vallarta's diverse scenery and stunning waterfalls makes hiking a wonderful experience.|Puerto Vallarta has a unique landscape, stunning waterfalls, beautiful scenery that makes it a great place to hike.}

{Tucked in the enchanting rainforests, the lush jungle, and along the coastline are some of the most picturesque hiking trails in Jalisco where you can discover a vast array of tropical flora and fauna.|You will find a wide variety of fauna and flora in Jalisco's beautiful rainforests.

|The most beautiful hiking trails of Jalisco are located in lush rainforests and the jungle along the coast. Here you will discover an amazing array of tropical fauna and flora.|Hidden in the beautiful jungles of Jalisco, along with the beaches, are the most scenic hiking trails that you'll find anywhere. You can also discover many species of exotic flora, fauna, and plants.

|There are many beautiful trails to explore in Jalisco that take you through lush forests and jungle, as well as along the coast.}

There are trails suitable for everyone from beginner to advanced hikers, meaning that everyone can join in on the fun.

Trails are suitable for all levels of hikers.|

You can find trails for every level of hiking ability, so everyone is welcome to join the adventure.

All levels of hikers can enjoy the trails, which means everyone can have fun.|The trails are accessible to all abilities, making it easy for anyone to enjoy them.} {We have listed the best hiking trails for you to explore during your time in Puerto Vallarta!|Here are the top hiking trails to discover in Puerto Vallarta.|The best trails you can explore in Puerto Vallarta are listed below.|These are some of the most popular hiking trails in Puerto Vallarta.|This list contains the best hiking trails that you should explore while in Puerto Vallarta.}

{Hike to the Waterfall in Quimixto

Trek to Quimixto's Waterfall

The Waterfall at Quimixto can be reached by hiking

To reach the Waterfall of Quimixto, hike

Walk to Quimixto Waterfall.

{Quixmito is an idyllic and small town and beach area that's located in the south of Puerto Vallarta, that you can only reach by hiking or by boat.|Quixmito, a small and beautiful beach and town in south Puerto Vallarta is only accessible by foot or boat.|Quixmito can be reached only by walking or on a boat. It is a beautiful, small beach town located south of Puerto Vallarta.|Quixmito

is a picturesque, quiet beach community that can be reached by either hiking or by boat.|Quixmito is a charming, peaceful beach in the southern part of Puerto Vallarta. You can reach it only via hiking or boats.} {It's a beautifully secluded area that's encompassed by palm trees, bamboo huts, and tropical verdure.|This area is surrounded by tropical verdure, bamboo huts and palm trees.|You will find secluded areas with palm trees and bamboo huts.|The area, which is covered in palm trees, bamboo homes, and tropical verdure makes it a peaceful, tranquil place.|It is an idyllic area surrounded by palm trees, bamboo houses, and tropical vegetation.}

{The waterfall in Quimixto is one of the largest in the area and attracts avid hikers each day.|Quimixto's waterfall is famed for being one of the most impressive in the region and draws many avid hikers every day.|Quimixto waterfall attracts many hikers daily.|Quimixto has a waterfall that is among the highest in the area. It attracts hikers all day.|Quimixto's largest waterfall draws avid hikers everyday.} {It features a towering rock formation and a natural pool that's patterned with enchanting vines and flora, perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and relaxing.|The waterfall is surrounded by a rock structure and features an enchanting natural pool with vines and flowers. It's perfect for sunbathing and swimming.|You will find a large rock formation, a natural swimming pool, and beautiful flora.|This natural pool is made up of a huge rock formation with beautiful vines and fauna.|The natural pool features impressive rock formations, as well as a beautiful pattern of vines, which makes it ideal for relaxing, swimming and sunbathing.}

{Level: The difficulty level is rated as moderate, as you'll be faced with uneven and rocky surfaces and some steep inclines.|Moderate difficulty. You'll face steep inclines and uneven surfaces.|Because you will be facing uneven, rocky terrain and steep inclines, the difficulty rating is moderate.|As you face uneven and rocky surfaces as well as steep inclines this level of difficulty is considered moderate.|It is classified as moderately difficult because you are likely to encounter uneven or rocky surfaces, steep inclines, and other hazards.} {Fortunately, if you do get tired, you can ride a mule for the remainder of the journey with locals offering support at several points along the path.|If you get tired you have the option to ride a mule for the rest of the trip with support from locals at various points.|You can always ride a mule for support at many points.|If you feel tired or need help, you will be able to hire a mule for the remaining portion of the ride. There are also locals who can offer assistance at different points.|You have several options for assistance along the way, including riding a mule or getting help from the locals if you become tired.}

Hiking distance: Approximately 1 mile

{How to get there: Hop on a water taxi from Boca de Tomatlan or Las Animas.|You can get to the spot by taking a water taxi starting from Boca de Tomatlan and Las Animas.|Take a water taxi to reach the destination from Boca de Tomatlan, Las Animas.|To get there, take a water-taxi from Boca de Tomatlan (or Las Animas).|The best way to get there is by water taxi.} {On arrival, follow the La Puerto River inland for about a mile.|Follow the La Puerto River for approximately a mile after you arrive.|After arriving, take the La Puerto River to the inland and follow it for about one mile.|Continue inland along the La Puerto River about 1 mile once you have arrived.|You will need to follow La Puerto River inland about a mile from your arrival.} {If you're unsure of where the riverbed begins, you can head to Los Cocos restaurant and follow the path from there with guidance from locals.|You can ask the locals for help if you are unsure where the riverbed starts.|For help, locals can direct you to Los Cocos restaurant if the riverbed is not obvious.|You may need assistance from the locals if you don't know where the riverbed begins.|Los Cocos Restaurant can provide guidance and direction if you have any questions about the location of the riverbed.}

Hike to Colomitos Beach

Take a hike to Colomitos Beach.

Walk to Colomitos Beach.|Wander to Colomitos Beach.|To reach Colomitos Beach, hike

{Colomitos beach - or 'Playa Colomitos' is a beautiful and secluded beach that features golden sands and emerald green water surrounded by palm trees and exotic vegetation.|Colomitos Beach - also known as 'Playa Colomitos,' is an idyllic beach with golden sands, emerald water and lush vegetation.|Colomitos beach, also called 'Playa Colomitos", is a beautiful beach with secluded beaches and green waters. It's surrounded by exotic plants and palm trees.|Colomitos beach or "Playa Colomitos" is a lovely and private beach. The beach features golden sands with green water, and it's surround by palm trees.|Colomitos beach (or 'Playa Colomitos) is a gorgeous and peaceful beach. This beach has golden sands as well as green water. There are also palm trees and other exotic vegetation.} {You can gain access to the beach either by hiking the well-worn trails winding through the rainforest crossing over rustic bridges or by taking a water taxi.|The best way to get to the beach is by either hiking through the forest and crossing over old bridges, or taking a water taxi.|Access to the beach can be achieved by walking the trails through the jungle, crossing over bridges and taking a boat taxi.|It is possible to reach the beach by following the well-kept trails that wind through the rainforest, passing over small bridges, and/or by hiring a water taxi.|To reach the beach, you can either hike the well-worn paths through the rainforest and cross over wooden bridges. Or take a water taxi.} {It's the ideal place to capture memorable vacation photos, hang out, and soak up the sun.|This is the perfect place for taking memorable photos and to relax in the sunshine.|You can take memorable vacation pictures, relax, or just enjoy the beautiful sun.|The perfect spot to take unforgettable vacation photos, enjoy the sun, or hang out and relax.|It is the best place to snap memorable holiday photos and just relax.} {The waterfalls at Playa Colomitos are spectacular and feature a large swimming hole that's great for all-year round adventure!|Playa Colomitos' waterfalls feature spectacular views and a swimming hole, making it a great place for year-round adventure.|Playa Colomitos has spectacular waterfalls and an enormous swimming hole. This is a fantastic spot for all year adventure.|Playa Colomitos is home to spectacular waterfalls. It also has a huge swimming hole which makes it great for any season.|Playa Colomitos boasts spectacular waterfalls, and has an amazing swimming hole.}

{Level: Moderately difficult

Niveau: Moderately hard

The difficulty level is moderately

Level: Moderately challenging

Level: Moderately difficult.

{Hiking distance: the hike leading to the falls is approximately 2-miles long.|The hike to the waterfalls is about 2-miles in length.|Distance hike: The trail leading to the falls takes approximately 2 miles.|Walking distance to the Falls: It takes about 2 miles.|About 2-miles hike leads to the falls.} {The path to the falls isn't hard to find as there are several signs and maps posted at the entrance and along the way.|It is easy to locate the path to the waterfalls as several maps and signs are posted along the route.|You can find the trail to the falls easily with the help of maps and signage at both the entrance and on the road.|There are signs at each entrance to help you find your way to the falls.|As there are numerous signs and maps at the entrance of the park and throughout the walk, it is not difficult to find the path to the Falls.}

{How to get there: similar to Quimixto, the beach is secluded.|The beach is quite remote, similar to Quimixto.|You can get to it by following the same route as Quimixto. The beach itself is very private.|It is similar to Quimixto but the beach here is more private.|There is no way to reach it.} {You can reach it by following the nature path from Boca de Tomatlan or by hopping on a panga or water taxi, which will take approximately 5-minutes.|It is possible to reach the beach by either following Boca de Tomatlan's nature trail or taking a water taxi or panga, which takes approximately five minutes.|The nature path to Boca de Tomatlan can be followed or you could take a boat or panga. It will take about five minutes.|To reach it, you can either follow the Boca de Tomatlan nature path or take a paga (or water taxi) that will take around five minutes.|This beach can be reached by taking the Boca de Tomatlan Nature Path or by jumping on a paga or water taxi. The journey takes about 5 minutes.}

{Palo Maria Waterfall Hike

Palo Maria Waterfall Hike|Palo Mari Waterfall Hike

Palo Maria Waterfall hike

Palomari Waterfall Hike} {Hiking in Puerto Vallarta wouldn't be complete without Palo Maria!|Palo Maria is a must-have for any hike in Puerto Vallarta!|Palo Maria would be a complete hiking experience in Puerto Vallarta.|Palo Maria is essential for any hiking trip to Puerto Vallarta.|Palo Maria is the best hiking companion in Puerto Vallarta.} {Hidden in the luscious jungle of the Sierra Madre mountains sits Palo Maria, a beautiful cascading hike that features not only one - but twelve stunning waterfalls!|Palo Maria is a stunning cascading trail that runs through the Sierra Madre Mountains. It's hidden in the lush jungle.|Palo Maria lies in the Sierra Madre jungle. This beautiful waterfall-filled hike is hidden amongst the dense forest.|Palo Maria can be found in the Sierra Madre's lush forest. Here you will find a gorgeous cascading hike with twelve waterfalls.|Palo Maria is located in the Sierra Madre mountain jungle. The beautiful, cascading hiking trail features twelve breathtaking waterfalls.} {During your hike along the natural flowing river, you'll catch sight of breathtaking scenery and rock formations, as well as exotic wildlife and birds.|You'll see stunning scenery, rock formations and exotic birds as you hike alongside the flowing river.|While hiking along the river's natural flow, you will see beautiful rock formations as well exotic wildlife.|You will be able to see amazing rock formations along your trek, and also exotic wildlife.|Wandering along the naturally flowing river you will find stunning rock formations and wildlife, as well other exotic animals and birds.} {There's plenty of natural pools along the way, some with rope swings, if you fancy cooling down and taking a break.|If you want to cool off and take a rest, there are plenty of natural pools that can be found along the route, many with rope swings.|You'll find plenty of natural pools, including some that have rope swings for a refreshing break.|For those who want to take a breather, you'll see plenty of natural swimming pools.|Many natural pools are available along the trail, with some having rope swings.}

{Level: moderately difficult.|Moderately hard.|The difficulty level is moderately.|Easy to moderately difficult.|Level: Moderately difficult.} {Most hikers only climb to the first waterfall as the others are located at a much higher elevation and require rock climbing.|The majority of hikers climb only to the first waterfall. Other waterfalls are at higher elevations and will require climbing.|As the waterfalls at higher altitudes require rock climbing, most hikers will only attempt to reach the first one.|Many hikers do not climb higher than the first waterfall.|Because the other waterfalls are higher up and more difficult to climb, hikers tend only to go to the first.} {however, if you are an experienced hiker or fancy the challenge then excitement lies beyond!|However, experienced hikers or those who enjoy the challenge will find excitement beyond.|If you're an experienced hiker, or enjoy the challenge of climbing up, then there is plenty to do!|There are many exciting options for experienced hikers and those looking to take on the challenge.|However, you can enjoy more excitement if your are a seasoned hiker.}

{Hiking distance: 1.5 miles (30 minutes) to the first waterfall.|Distance to first waterfall: 1.5 miles (or 30 minutes).|To reach the first waterfall, hike 1.5 miles (30 min).|The first waterfall is 1.5 miles away.|Walking distance to the first waterfall is approximately 1.5 miles (30 minutes).}

{How to get there: Palo Maria is conveniently close to central Puerto Vallarta, near Playa los Muertos, making it easily accessible.|You can get there easily: Palo Maria lies close to Puerto Vallarta's central area, just past Playa los Muertos.|The easiest way to get there is Palo Maria, which can be found near central Puerto Vallarta and Playa los Muertos.|It is easy to reach Palo Maria from central Puerto Vallarta. Palo Maria can also be reached via Playa los Muertos.|How to get to Palo Maria: Palo Maria is located near Playa los Muertos in central Puerto Vallarta.} {Hop on one of the orange buses that depart from Basillo Badillo in the Romantic Zone.|Take one of the Orange Buses that leave Basillo Badillo, in the Romantic Zone.|You can take one of the buses from Basillo Badillo to get there.|Get on board one the orange buses which depart Basillo Badillo within the Romantic Zone.|The Romantic Zone's Basillo Badillo is the ideal place to catch one of those orange buses.} {Exit the bus at the Palo Maria stop and follow the path up to the mountain which runs directly adjacent to the river leading to the waterfalls.|Follow the trail up to the mountain, which is directly next to the stream that leads to the waterfalls.|Take the Palo Maria bus stop exit and walk up the hill to reach the falls.|At the Palo Maria stop, get off the bus and take the path to the top of the mountain that runs alongside the river to the waterfalls.|You can exit the bus at Palo Maria and continue up the path that will lead to the mountains, directly beside the river.}

Yelapa Waterfall Trek

Yelapa is a small and secluded beach town located south of Bahia de Banderas and is only accessible by boat or by hiking.|Yelapa, a quiet beach community south of Bahia de Banderas is accessible only by boat and hiking.|Yelapa can be reached only by foot or boat from the small, quiet town of Bahia de Banderas.|Yelapa is an isolated beach resort south of Bahia de Banderas. It can only be reached by either boat or hiking.|Yelapa lies south of Bahia de Banderas. This small beach town is easily accessible via boat or hike.} {It's a paradisiacal area that feels island-esque, with emerald waters and golden sand that lays adjacent to a luscious green jungle.|The paradisiacal location is surrounded by lush green forests and emerald waters.|This paradisiacal spot has emerald water and golden sand, which is adjacent to lush green forest.|You will feel like you are in an island, as the area is filled with golden sand and turquoise waters. It also has lush green vegetation.|With its emerald waters, golden sand and lush green surroundings, it's an idyllic area with paradise-like vibes.} {Yelapa is known for its vibrant beach life and piquant tropical seafood cuisine and is home to exciting wildlife including parrots, land crabs, and iguanas.|Yelapa is well-known for its lively beach life and delicious tropical seafood dishes. It is also home to exciting wildlife such as parrots and land crabs.|Yelapa's vibrant beaches and tasty tropical seafood are well-known. The area is home to many exciting animals, including land crabs, parrots, and even iguanas.|Yelapa is renowned for its colorful beaches and vibrant tropical seafood. There is exciting wildlife, such as land crabs and parrots.|Yelapa has a vibrant, tropical beach lifestyle and exotic seafood.} {The thrilling hiking trail leads to an enchanting waterfall that has a large swimmable pool and is surrounded by wondrous rock formations and fauna.|A thrilling hike leads to a waterfall with a large swimming pool, surrounded by amazing rock formations and wildlife.|This waterfall is accessible via a thrilling hiking trail. It has a swimming pool that can be used for children and it's surrounded with amazing rock formations.|An enchanting waterfall, with its large pool and surrounded by beautiful rock formations is reached via the thrilling hiking trail.|You will find a stunning waterfall with large, swimmable pools. The area is also surrounded in amazing rock formations.}

(New Paragraph).|

{Level: Easy!|Niveau: Simple!|Level: Very easy!|Level: It's easy|Easy} {Making it ideal for everyone

It is suitable for all

This makes it suitable for everybody

The ideal hiking experience for anyone

It's easy enough for everyone.

Hiking distance: 2.5 miles

{How to get there: As mentioned, Yelapa is only accessible by boat meaning you'll have to take a water taxi from Playa Los Muertos or Boca de Tomatlan.|You will need to travel by water taxi to Yelapa from Boca de Tomatlan or Playa Los Muertos.|Yelapa can only be reached by boat. You'll need to transfer from Boca de Tomatlan, Playa Los Muertos, or Boca de Tomatlan to reach it.|Yelapa cannot be reached via boat. To get to it, you will have to hire a water taxi either from Boca de Tomatlan (Playa Los Muertos) or Boca de Tomatlan.|Yelapa can be reached only by boat. This means that you must take a water taxi between Boca de Tomatlan and Playa Los Muertos.} {Once you arrive at Yelapa, you can follow the signs that lead you to the start of the waterfall hike.|You can then follow signs to Yelapa for the beginning of the waterfall hike.|Follow the signs once you reach Yelapa to get to the starting point of your waterfall hiking.|The signs will lead you to Yelapa once you have arrived.|After you've arrived at Yelapa you will be able to follow the signs leading you towards the waterfall.} {Unlike some of the other trails, the Yelapa hike is well maintained, and the entire path is paved and has signposts, so you shouldn't get lost.|The Yelapa trail is maintained better than other trails. It is also paved with signposts so that you don't get lost.|The Yelapa hiking trail, unlike other trails, is very well-maintained. There are signs all along the way, which will help you avoid getting lost.|The Yelapa hike, unlike many others, has been well maintained. All of its paths are paved, with signsposts.|Although the Yelapa hike may not be as well maintained and has signs, it is easy to get lost.}

{There are several other amazing hikes to be enjoyed in Puerto Vallarta, but these are our top picks!|Puerto Vallarta has many other incredible hikes, but we have chosen these as our favorites!|Puerto Vallarta offers many more amazing hiking opportunities, but these are the top choices.|Puerto Vallarta is home to many amazing hikes. But these are our favorite!|Puerto Vallarta also offers many incredible hiking trails, however these are our favourites.} {Other notable hiking trials include:

You can also try these other hiking trails:

The following are other notable hikes:|Another notable trail is:|Additional notable hiking opportunities include

{The town of El Nogalito, which has its own eco-park featuring multiple waterfalls.|El Nogalito has its eco-park with multiple waterfalls.|El Nogalito is home to its own eco park with numerous waterfalls.|El Nogalito boasts its own eco-park that includes multiple waterfalls.|El Nogalito also has an eco-park, with many waterfalls.}

{Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa offers free daily hiking tours open to guests staying at the resort.|Garza Blanca Preserve Hotel & Spa provides daily free hiking tours for guests who stay at the resort.|Garza Blanca Preserve resort & spa offers daily hiking tours to all guests.|Garza Blanca Preserve Spa offers complimentary daily hiking tours.|Garza Blanca Preserve Lodge & Spa offer daily hiking trips for resort guests.}

{The El Salto hike is also a great choice, running along the ridgelines of the majestic Sierra Madre mountains.|You can also choose to hike El Salto, which runs along the magnificent Sierra Madre mountain ridgelines.|El Salto is another great option, as it runs along the stunning Sierra Madre mountains' ridgelines.|El Salto hiking is another option. It runs along the beautiful Sierra Madre mountains' ridgelines.|El Salto can be a wonderful choice as well, since it follows the impressive Sierra Madre ridgelines.}