Centro / Downtown Puerto Vallarta

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Centro / Downtown Puerto Vallarta

Centro / Downtown Puerto Vallarta

 Downtown Puerto Vallarta which is also referred to as Centro is located just south of the Hotel Zone and north of the Rio Cuale. The heart of Puerto Vallarta, also known as Centro, is just south of the Hotel Zone. It is north of the Rio Cuale. Centro, or Downtown Puerto Vallarta is located to the north and south of Rio Cuale. Centro / Downtown Puerto Vallarta is located south of Hotel Zone and north from the Rio Cuale. Centro, also known locally as Downtown Puerto Vallarta, is located north of Rio Cuale and just south from the Hotel Zone.   Downtown Puerto Vallarta is the living, beating heart of Puerto Vallarta and this is where much of the city's action takes place. The heartbeat of Puerto Vallarta, Downtown Puerto Vallarta, is where most of the city's action happens. Downtown Puerto Vallarta is Puerto Vallarta's heartbeat and the place where all the action takes place. Downtown Puerto Vallarta houses the heart of Puerto Vallarta. This is where the majority of the city’s action takes places. The city's beating heart, downtown Puerto Vallarta hosts much of the action.   The entire area is filled with lovely Colonial-era buildings with red-tiled roofs. You will find beautiful Colonial-era buildings throughout the area with red-tiled rooftops. This area is full of beautiful Colonial-era buildings, many with red-tiled roofs. Beautiful Colonial-era buildings are scattered throughout the entire area, with their red-tiled roofing. The area is full red-tiled colonial-era buildings.   Many buildings are painted in bright colors with their walls and terraces often punctuated by vines such as bright pink bougainvillea and other green foliage. Bright colors are used to paint many buildings, with terraces and walls often decorated with vines like bright pink bougainvillea or other green leaves. Many buildings have brightly colored walls and terraces, often with brightly colored vines such bright pink bougainvillea and other greenery. Bright colors are common on many buildings. Many have terraces or walls that are dotted with vines. Many buildings are brightly painted with colorful vines accentuating their walls and terraces.   Visitors are encouraged to take long and pleasurable exploratory walks down the narrow cobblestone streets to discover uncountable local treats at every turn. It is encouraged that visitors take long, enjoyable walks along the cobblestone streets in search of local delights at every turn. To discover the many local delights, visitors are encouraged to enjoy long and enjoyable strolls down cobblestone streets. The narrow streets of cobblestone are a great place to explore and discover local delights. Long, pleasant walks down narrow cobblestone streets are encouraged by visitors to find many local delights.   There are an abundance of restaurants, bars, and interesting stores, the style, color and vibe of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. You will find a wide variety of bars and restaurants in this area. There are many restaurants, bars, interesting shops, and other places that offer unique and original experiences. There are many bars, restaurants and shops that have a unique style and feel that is unmatched anywhere else in the country. The area is home to a multitude of bars, restaurants, and stores that are unique in their style, color, and vibe.   For a great visual of the area, refer to the printable map of Centro / Downtown. The printable map of Centro/Downtown provides a visual overview of the area. You can see the entire area on the printable map of Centro/Downtown. A printable map of Centro / Downtown provides a great visual representation of the area. Refer to the Centro / Downtown printable map for a fantastic visual.

 And no visit to Puerto Vallarta would be complete without a leisurely stroll along the Malecon, the stunningly beautiful beachfront boardwalk which gracefully traces the edges of beach and ocean, and was newly renovated in 2011. A visit to Puerto Vallarta is incomplete without a relaxing stroll along the Malecon. This stunningly beautiful boardwalk, which gracefully follows the shorelines of the ocean and beach, was recently renovated in 2011. The Malecon is a stunningly beautiful beachfront boardwalk that gracefully tracks the edge of ocean and beach. It was renovated in 2011 and is a must-see on any visit to Puerto Vallarta. No visit to Puerto Vallarta wouldn't be complete without a leisurely stroll down the Malecon, a beautiful, beachfront boardwalk that gently follows the coastline. It was renovated in 2011. You can't visit Puerto Vallarta without taking a stroll along Malecon. The Malecon is a breathtakingly beautiful boardwalk that runs along the beach and the water. It was recently renovated in 2011.   Of great interest are the numerous bronze statues that are erected at various places all the way down this mile-long stretch. The numerous bronze statues that line the mile are worth a special mention. There are many bronze statues along the entire mile. Many bronze statues are found along this mile-long stretch. It is worth noting the many bronze statues found all along this mile-long stretch.   Caballero Del Mar, a bronze statue of a little cowboy riding a seahorse is a world-famous symbol of Puerto Vallarta. Caballero Del mar, a bronze statue depicting a little cowboy riding on a seahorse, is a well-known symbol of Puerto Vallarta. Caballero del Mar, a bronze statue featuring a little cowboy riding his seahorse on the shore of Puerto Vallarta is a famous symbol. Caballero De Mar, a bronze statue representing a little seahorse-riding cowboy is a symbol of Puerto Vallarta. Caballero El Mar, a bronze statue showing a little boy riding a seahorse in bronze, is a prominent symbol of Puerto Vallarta.

Centro / Downtown: Malecon in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Puerto Vallarta Malecon

 Along the ocean side of the Malecon visitors are afforded spectacular panoramic views of beautiful Banderas Bay. The Malecon's ocean side offers spectacular views of Banderas Bay. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of Banderas Bay from the Malecon's oceanside. Views of Banderas Bay are breathtaking from the Malecon's Ocean Side. You can see Banderas Bay from the Malecon ocean side.   The inland side of the Malecon is lined from end to end with numerous restaurants, bars, small eateries, cute boutiques and other shops with colorful and eclectic offerings. From end to end, the Malecon's inland side is lined with a variety of restaurants, bars and small eateries. There are also cute boutiques and other shops selling colorful and unique products. You will find many restaurants, bars, small eateries and cute boutiques along the Malecon's interior. From the Malecon's inland end, you will find countless bars, restaurants, small eateries, charming boutiques, and other shops offering eclectic and colorful goods. The Malecon's inner reaches are lined with many bars, restaurants, small eateries as well as cute boutiques.   There are several art galleries with amazing selections of truly unique pieces. Many art galleries offer unique and amazing pieces. You will find a variety of art galleries that offer unique pieces and an amazing selection. There are many art galleries offering amazing collections of unique items. There are many art galleries that have amazing selections of rare and unique pieces.   An additional shopping venue along the Malecon is the cute and vibrant little flea market whose small entrance is marked with the sign: Plaza Malecon. The Plaza Malecon, a small flea market located along the Malecon, is another shopping option. A cute, vibrant flea market is also located on the Malecon. Its small entrance is marked by the sign Plaza Malecon. Another shopping spot along the Malecon is the adorable and lively Plaza Malecon flea marketplace. The sign at the entrance to the market says: Plaza Malecon. Plaza Malecon marks the small entrance to a charming and vibrant flea market that is located just off the Malecon.   A small metal seahorse fronts a rod-iron image of the sun above the open-gated entry to the flea market. Above the open-gated entrance to the flea marketplace, a small metal seahorse stands in front of a rod iron image of the sun. The flea markets open-gated entrance is dominated by a small, metal seahorse and a rod-iron sun image. A small metal seahorse is displayed above an iron image of sun rising from the open-gated entrance. A small metal seahorse sits in front of an iron image depicting the sun, above the open-gated access to the flea markets.   A colorful wall mural depicting an ocean scene greets visitors as they enter the passageway to this hidden gem. As they enter this passageway, a colorful mural on the wall depicting an ocean scene welcomes them. Visitors are greeted by a wall mural featuring an ocean scene as they enter the passageway that leads to this hidden treasure. Visitors will be greeted as they enter the passageway leading to this hidden gem by a colorful wall mural that depicts an ocean scene. As visitors enter this secret passageway, they are welcomed by a colorful wall mural showing an ocean scene.   Another way to find Plaza Malecon is to look for it between the streets Allende and 31 de Octobre. Plaza Malecon can also be found between 31 de Octobre and Allende. Plaza Malecon can also been found between 31 de Octobre (Allende) streets. Plaza Malecon may also be located between 31 de Octobre Street and Allende Street. Plaza Malecon can be found in the alleyway between 31 de Octobre et Allende.

Centro / Downtown: Naval History Museum, Puerto Vallarta, MexicoNaval History Museum PV.   At night the Puerto Vallarta Malecon takes on a completely different personality than it has during the day time. The Puerto Vallarta Malecon is completely transformed at night. The Puerto Vallarta Malcon has a totally different personality at night than during the day. The Puerto Vallarta Mencon comes alive at night. The Puerto Vallarta malecon at night takes on a different identity than it does during the day.   In the evening the boardwalk is truly a feast for the senses. The boardwalk becomes a sensory overload in the evening. Evenings on the boardwalk are a treat for the eyes. The evening boardwalk is a real feast for the eyes. The boardwalk transforms into a visual feast in the evening.   Lively and festive multi-colored lights emanate outward from a strip of open-air nightclubs playing popular tunes with music videos flashing on big screens. A strip of open-air nightclubs emits vibrant, multicolored lights that shine outward. There are music videos playing on large screens and popular tunes being played. The boardwalk is lit up with multi-colored, vibrant lights. Music videos are flashing on large screens. From a strip open-air nightclubs, bright multi-colored lights radiate outwards. An open-air strip of nightclubs plays popular songs with big-screen music videos. The lights are bright and colorful, and the atmosphere is lively.   Sparkly lights bounce off mirrored balls hanging from the ceilings while young adults dance and laugh, while every now and then a 20-something glides through the air on a huge swing set up at the entrance of one of the nightclubs. The ceilings are hung with mirrored balls, which reflect light. Young adults laugh and dance while a swing is set up at one of the nightclubs. While young adults dance and laugh at each other, mirrored balls hang from the ceilings and sparkly lights bounce off them. A swing set is placed at one of the entrances to the nightclubs so that a large number of people can glide through the air on it. As young adults dance, laugh, and bounce off the ceilings with sparkling lights, they are joined by young people who glide on huge swings set up at the entrance to one of their nightclubs. Young adults are entertained by the bright lights reflecting off mirrored balls suspended from the ceilings. They also dance and laugh while a 20-something glides along the ground on a giant swing at the entrance of one the nightclubs.   Vendors up and down the Malecon display an array of light-up toys and cotton candy. A variety of cotton candy and light-up toys are on display at the Malecon's vendors. You will find a variety of toys and cotton candy at the Malecon vendors. The Malecon is home to a wide variety of lights-up toys and cotton candy vendors. There are many vendors selling cotton candy and lights-up toys all along the Malecon.   As the sun falls low, visitors can enjoy a variety of live music at several area restaurants and bars. Visitors can also enjoy live music in several local bars and restaurants as the sun sets. At several bars and restaurants in the area, live music can be enjoyed as the sun sinks. Many local restaurants and bars offer live music as the sun goes down. Visitors can enjoy live music at many local restaurants and bars as the sun sets.   Most evenings there is usually an opportunity to view free entertainment at the Los Arcos outdoor amphitheater located behind iconic seafront arches, and across from the Main Plaza. You can usually enjoy free entertainment at Los Arcos Outdoor Amphitheater, which is located just behind the Main Plaza and the iconic seafront arches. The Los Arcos amphitheater is located opposite the Main Plaza, behind the famous seafront arches. Los Arcos is an outdoor amphitheater that offers free entertainment. It is located right behind iconic seafront arches and across the street from the Main Plaza. Los Arcos, an outdoor amphitheater situated behind iconic seafront archways and directly across from Main Plaza, offers free entertainment most evenings.   Throughout the year there are many cultural offerings and performances based on the season. There are many cultural performances and cultural offerings throughout the year, depending on the season. Many cultural performances and cultural events are offered throughout the year. Every season, there are many cultural offerings and performances. There are many performances and cultural offerings depending on the season throughout the year.   A favorite of local families and visitors alike are the street food vendors that are lined up just south of the arches and the Naval History Museum (Museo Historico Naval) selling grilled corn on the cob, French fries, tamales, crepes, nuts, candies and so much more. Street food vendors are a popular choice for locals and tourists alike. They are located just south of the Naval History Museum (Museo Historico Naval), selling everything from grilled corn on a cob to crepes, French fries, crepes, nuts and candies, as well as tamales, French fries, crepes, crepes, crepes, crepes, crepes, tamales, crepes and so much more. Local families and visitors love the street food vendors located south of the Naval History Museum, (Museo Historico Naval). They sell grilled corn, French fries and crepes as well as nuts, candy, and tamales. The street food vendors, which are situated just south from the Naval History Museum's arches, are a favorite among local families as well visitors. They sell everything you could want: grilled corn on-the-cob, French fries or crepes. Visitors and local families love the street food vendors just south the Naval History Museum (Museo Historico Naval), which sells grilled corn on cob, French fries as well tamales and crepes.   To walk the Malecon at night is to experience the refreshing, eclectic and vibrant feel of gorgeous Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The Malecon is a great place to enjoy the vibrant, diverse and refreshing vibe of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico at night. Walking the Malecon at night allows you to feel the lively, vibrant Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. You can enjoy the unique, vibrant and eclectic atmosphere of Puerto Vallarta by night walking the Malecon. It is an opportunity to see the beautiful Puerto Vallarta at night by walking along the Malecon.

Centro / Downtown: Main Square Bandstand, El Centro, Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 Main Square in Puerto Vallarta

 An important landmark of Centro is the Main Plaza where locals and visitors alike enjoy hanging out to mingle and socialize. The Main Plaza is a landmark in Centro. It's where visitors and locals alike can meet and socialize. The Main Plaza, a central landmark in Centro, is where both locals and tourists enjoy meeting up to socialize and mingle. The Main Plaza in Centro is an important landmark. Here, both locals as well as visitors can mingle and socialize. Centro's Main Plaza is a prominent landmark. This place is popular with both locals, and tourists.   Vendors selling balloons, spinning pinwheels, cotton candy and toys for children are a staple in this area. This area is home to many vendors selling balloons and cotton candy, spinning pinwheels, spinning pinwheels, and toys for kids. The Main Plaza is home to vendors selling balloons as well as spinning pinwheels and cotton candy. There are many vendors selling balloons. Here you will find vendors selling cotton candy, spinning pinwheels or balloons.   A real treat is when Concepcion, wearing a white shirt and white pants, comes by the Main Square to sell his delicious Tuba Water which he carries in a clay vessel. Concepcion is a charming vendor who comes to the Main Square wearing white pants and a shirt. He sells his tuba water in a clay container. Concepcion comes in white shirt and pants to sell Tuba Water, which he carries in his clay vessel. It is truly a treat. Concepcion, a white-shirted man wearing white pants, stops by the Main Square to offer his Tuba Water. Concepcion carries a small clay vessel with him. Concepcion wears a white shirt, white pants, and comes by the Main Square with his Tuba Water. He carries it in a clay vessel.   In Puerto Vallarta special events occur in the Main Plaza on Thursday evenings at 6 p.m. when a municipal band plays for an appreciative crowd, and on Sunday evenings at 6 p.m. when ballroom-type music is played by a full band that is situated within the raised center gazebo or bandstand area. On Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m., a Puerto Vallarta municipal band plays to an appreciative audience. On Sunday evenings at 6:30 p.m., a full band performs ballroom music within the raised centre gazebo or bandstand area. Special events are held in Puerto Vallarta on Thursday evenings, 6 p.m. where a municipal band plays for a grateful crowd. Sunday evenings, 6 p.m. is when a full band is playing ballroom-type music that is located within the raised center pavilion or bandstand area. A municipal band plays in Puerto Vallarta's Main Plaza every Thursday at 6 pm. On Sundays at 6 pm, a full-band performs ballroom-style music. The Main Plaza hosts special events in Puerto Vallarta every Thursday night at 6pm. A municipal band plays for the crowd. On Sunday evenings, a full band plays ballroom music. They are located within the raised gazebo area.   During these times some people gather with family and friends to relax and enjoy the delightful music and ambiance while others who are swayed by the rhythm feel moved to get up and dance. These events are great for family and friends as they can relax and enjoy the music and atmosphere. Others may feel inspired to dance and get moving by the beat. People gather together with their family and friends to enjoy the wonderful music and ambiance. Some people feel the need to dance, while others are moved by the rhythm. While some people enjoy these events with family members and friends, others dance or get swayed to the beat and are drawn to the music. While many people are there to enjoy the music and the atmosphere, others will be moved to dance.

 Centro / Downtown - Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church Our Lady of Guadalupe Church Our Lady of Guadalupe Church Our Lady of Guadalupe Church   Across from the Main Plaza is the beautiful Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The beautiful Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe is located across from the Main Plaza. The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, located just across the Main Plaza, is a beautiful church. Just across from the Main Plaza is The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe can be found across from Main Plaza.   The enormous ornate crown that sits atop this church is probably the most recognizable icon of Puerto Vallarta. This church's iconic icon is the huge ornate crown. Most people associate Puerto Vallarta's most famous icon with the enormous, ornate crown atop the church. It is most well-known icon in Puerto Vallarta. The huge, ornate crown which sits atop this church. The most prominent icon in Puerto Vallarta is the massive ornate Crown that sits atop of this church.   The original crown constructed of cement crumbled during an earthquake in 1995, and it was necessary to install a temporary crown made of fiberglass until a new permanent crown could be constructed. In 1995, the original cement crown was destroyed by an earthquake. A temporary fiberglass crown was installed until a permanent one could be made. After the 1995 earthquake, the original cement crown fell apart and was replaced with a temporary fiberglass crown. It was made from cement, but the original crown collapsed in an earthquake in 1995. To make a new permanent crown, a temporary crown of fiberglass had to be installed. An earthquake in 1995 caused the original cement crown to fall apart. It was then necessary to put up a temporary crown of fiberglass until a permanent crown could be built.   Finally, in 2009 a beautiful new crown was completed, blessed, and erected during a special ceremony. In 2009, a new beautiful crown was created, blessed, then erected in a special ceremony. A beautiful new crown was finally completed in 2009 and blessed. It was then erected during an exclusive ceremony. A new, beautiful crown was built, blessed and erected at a special ceremony in 2009. Finally, a beautiful new crown was made, blessed, and then erected during a special ceremony.   Its new design incorporates many symbolic elements important to the city of Puerto Vallarta. The new design includes many symbolic elements that are important to Puerto Vallarta. It incorporates symbolic elements that are very important to Puerto Vallarta. It has many symbolic elements which are significant to Puerto Vallarta. Its new design features many symbolic elements, which are vital to Puerto Vallarta.   Visitors who find an opportunity to view the interior of this church will be humbled by the amazingly beautiful architecture of the building. The stunning architecture of the church's interior will amaze anyone who has the chance to see it. Visitors will be amazed at the stunning architecture of this church when they have the opportunity to visit its interior. Visitors who have the chance to see the interior of this church are sure to be impressed by its stunning architecture. Visitors who get the chance to admire the interior of the church will be overwhelmed by the beautiful architecture.

 The south end of Centro is bordered by the Rio Cuale, a river that as it nears the ocean branches into two sections around a tiny island (Isla Rio Cuale) which is directly in the middle. The Rio Cuale borders the Centro's south end. This river, which as it approaches the ocean splits into two sections around an island (Isla Rio Cuale), which is located in the middle. The Rio Cuale is the river bordering Centro's South End. It branches off at the ocean and forms two sections around an isolated island (Isla Rio Cuale), located directly in its middle. The Rio Cuale runs along the south side of Centro. As it nears the ocean, the river splits into two sections. One section is around Isla Rio Cuale which is in the middle. The Rio Cuale forms the border of Centro's south-end. As it approaches the ocean, it splits into two sections.   In this manner, the Rio Cuale effectively divides the downtown area into two distinct parts: Centro or "Downtown" to the north, and the Romantic Zone which is also referred to as "The South Side" or "Colonia Emiliano Zapata" to the south. The Rio Cuale divides the city into two distinct areas. The "Downtown" part of Centro is called "Centro" and the "Romantic Zone" (also known as "Colonia Emiliano Zapata or "The South Side") to the south. The Rio Cuale effectively splits the downtown into two distinct areas: Centro, or "Downtown", to the north and Romantic Zone, to the south. The Rio Cuale effectively separates the downtown area into two distinct sections: Centro (or "Downtown") to the north, as well as the Romantic Zone (or "Colonia Emiliano Zapata to the South). The Rio Cuale divides downtown into two distinct areas. The Romantic Zone is also known as "The South Side" (Colonia Emiliano Zapata) to the South, and Centro to the North.   Where the mouth of the river opens to the ocean visitors will notice that many local families enjoy relaxing and swimming in this area beneath the pedestrian bridge. Visitors will see that many families from the area where the river's mouth opens onto the ocean enjoy swimming and relaxing in the area below the pedestrian bridge.