Top 10 Things to do in Puerto Vallarta

 Explore the many beaches of Puerto Vallarta. Spend an afternoon relaxing by the beach with a cold beer in hand
Take a boat tour to see dolphins, sea lions and other aquatic life
Get a taste of authentic Mexican food at one of the many restaurants in town
Visit historic landmarks such as The Malecon, El Morro National Monument and La Quebrada Waterfall
Shop for souvenirs at one of the many markets in town or visit boutiques on Avenida Juarez or Plaza Principal
 Go salsa dancing every night with your friends from around the world at clubs like Bora Bora, Pata Negra and La Zona Rosa
 Try local drinks like tequila, mezcal and margaritas while you're there!

Check out some live music performances happening all over town during your stay - they'll have something for everyone!

 Rent a bike to explore more areas outside downtown Puerto Vallarta

 Book an excursion to get off-the-beaten-path adventure touring through Mexico's most beautiful destinations!